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9789048154173 - Frank O. Wagner: Simple Theories (Mathematics and Its Applications) - Boek
Frank O. Wagner (?):

Simple Theories (Mathematics and Its Applications) (2009) (?)

Levering van: Verenigd Koninkrijk van Groot-Brittannië en Noord-IerlandBoek is in EngelsDit is een paperback boekNieuw boek

ISBN: 9789048154173 (?) of 9048154170, in het Engels, 272 pagina 's, Springer Netherlands, Paperback, Nieuw

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Simplicity theory is an extension of stability theory to a wider class of structures, containing, among others, the random graph, pseudo-finite fields, and fields with a generic automorphism. Following Kim's proof of 'forking symmetry' which implies a good behaviour of model-theoretic independence, this area of model theory has been a field of intense study. It has necessitated the development of some important new tools, most notably the model-theoretic treatment of hyperimaginaries (classes modulo type-definable equivalence relations). It thus provides a general notion of independence (and of rank in the supersimple case) applicable to a wide class of algebraic structures. The basic theory of forking independence is developed, and its properties in a simple structure are analyzed. No prior knowledge of stability theory is assumed; in fact many stability-theoretic results follow either from more general propositions, or are developed in side remarks. Audience: This book is intended both as an introduction to simplicity theory accessible to graduate students with some knowledge of model theory, and as a reference work for research in the field. Paperback, Ausgabe: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st Ed. 2000, Label: Springer Netherlands, Springer Netherlands, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2009-12-28, Freigegeben: 2009-12-28, Studio: Springer Netherlands
Platform bestelnummer Amazon.co.uk: ERAkAE0g1PYN14vxKjaSrTuy0qoSowkvChIa5MmmUNWMWBoIaQgsR5XwwGEuvk6uBWx0Kp1Lhwxb5dHlb2sCn9QQYnQru6q4LcXBBCNnWwuctuyR%2BV3H3wqG8IDR4iyq85CEHZvPPY21o%2BkQyhAOsA%3D%3D
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ISBN (alternatieve notaties): 90-481-5417-0, 978-90-481-5417-3